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In Your Own Words

About In Your Own Words

A personal podcast: for you and your family about you and your family. Family stories are passed down from generation to generation. Some times the story changes over time, names of people and places are forgotten, dates and circumstances altered, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

IN YOUR OWN WORDS allows you to share your and your family’s journey with future generations. You don’t have to prepare anything. All you have to do is sit down prepared to talk about your life. A professional interviewer will ask you questions to help draw out your story in a personal and unique way. It’s a conversation about you, your family and the roads travelled. Perfect for parents and grand parents who want to share their story with their children, grandchildren and other members of the family. 2 weeks after your interview, you will receive a 1-2 hour digital copy of your personal podcast. Professionally packaged and edited.